That’s another wrap! – Friday 26th October

Coming soon Adsense changes without altering code from your control panel,

For instance, you can quickly change the borders of all your 300×250 medium rectangles from red to blue with just a few mouse clicks

via the Adsense Blog

Loren comments on how Google have had 1 million job applications a year.

Acorn add an auction area to their forum so feel free to pick up a bargain

The big SE story of the week is Google slapping a load of page rank penalties on numerous sites, including mine (PR6 down to PR3), Engadget (PR7 down to PR5) ProBlogger (PR6 to PR4), Andy Beard (PR5 to PR3) and the list goes on…

There’s lots of views and speculations on this latest update, check out Tech Crunch, Twenty Steps, Search Engine Land, Courtney Tuttle, Daily Blog Tips, the news even got into more mainstream media like The Guardian.

As far as I’m concerned as long as I’m still getting traffic I don’t give a shit about PR, which touch wood at the moment is certainly the case. So I’m a proud PR3 site owner 🙂 .

If you’re fortunate enough to have site links (otherwise known as authority listings) in the SERPS you can now tell encourage Google with which ones to display via Webmaster Tools (found via webmaster central).

This weeks game was submitted by one of our readers, check out Gravitee, golf in space, thanks Steve.

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  1. My tattoo site is down from pr5 to a pr3 as well, I do have a PR6 mini site still, that must be worth heaps of cash now eh 😉

  2. My site stayed at 3. I saw a slight increase in traffic from google, but nothing out of the ordinary and I doubt it is related.

    • Good to hear traffic is increasing, other than revenue that’s the most important factor (actually it’s probably more important than revenue). Looks like Gadget Venue was on a different side of the Google dice 🙂

  3. Wow thats bad news on your PR. Mine is still PR4 (can’t wait for it to be PR5 :D) and my link farm is still PR2.

    But I guess with you it doesn’t matter as the money comes from traffic not PR link sales.

    Nice game BTW

    • I stopped caring about PR a long time a go, yet I still check it out so I’m somewhat contradictory. Link sales is a dodgy business model IMO, an update like this could really hurt/kill a site that relied on that revenue and if you choose to do business by breaking Google’s guidelines you can’t really complain if they do you no favors.

      • Well tbh there is not many other ways you can make money if you are not using PPC network or link sales. If you think otherwise then what are the other methods?

        • If you have traffic there are 100s of other ways to make money, I thought we’d posted about a few of them already 🙂

        • I agree with Al in that there are 100s of other ways to make money. Just hunt around SMM as well as DP forums and other blogs about this subject and you will spot a ton of ways.

          My problem is finding the best way to implement them with out it becoming too much work. Automation is key here 🙂

    • I agree been a moment since i sold links on my sites more trouble than its worth.

      I Think those that do want to sell links now
      will get rewarded financialy but at a risk 🙂

  4. I love space golf, as for PR I think a large yawn is in order a few bits of Green missing from the browser window never did anybody any harm. I think the only problem is at least a couple of “innocent” parties got caught up in it and so made a mockery of the whole thing.

    Ultimately a bit of a PR fiasco but remember there is no such thing as bad PR!

  5. Without a doubt, this has been a huge PR blunder by Google. Pardon the obvious pun. As Tim says, the fact that a number of ‘innocent’ parties got caught in the crossfire doesn’t help the Big G cause one little bit.

    Thanks for the link, by the way 🙂

  6. I got pr-slapped as well. From PR5 to PR3. We’ll see if it affects anything.

  7. Yeah, the news of the PR slaps is all over the net. They are gaining much links from it 😉

    Great find on the 1,000,000 employees article, keep it up 🙂 I like the wraps very much.

  8. Well… PR seems to be changing again.
    My site ( is at 4 now.
    Coolest-Gadgets is at 4 also
    Problogger is up at 6 on my tool bar

    I guess we need a few more weeks for them to iron out their changes.

  9. There’s been a second round of PR update so maybe the first one was just a warning. My blog finally got to 4 though. 😉

  10. I am so pleased

    I had a:
    PR 4 -> 5
    PR 0 -> 3
    PR 1 -> 2
    PR 0 -> 2

    unfortuantly i also had a
    PR 2 -> 0 (link farm)

    Oh this is so good, I am so pleased with the PR5 domain, First one for me to reach PR5, I am so pleased 😀

  11. Thanks Al. I am a proud owner of a PR5 site.

    Next target to get to PR6

  12. PR 5 -> 4
    PR 7 -> 4 (ouch!)
    PR 1 -> 3
    PR 0 -> 3
    PR 0 -> 3
    PR 0 -> 3
    PR 1 -> 1
    PR 5 -> 3
    PR 4 -> 3
    PR 4 -> 3
    PR 4 -> 4

  13. Thanks for the site links tip 🙂

    Seems like the last 7 days have brought the shakeup from google that we were told they would do, some of my sites were affected due to link sales & link purchases so no real surprise as this is what they had promised
    at present i have seen no global change in traffic to the affected sites. I also got a big old slap on one of my adwords account that had been plugging along steadily for months.

    Seems to me long & short of all this is G is imposing on us top build solid usefull honest sites. Nothin bad their as I see those that have towed the line continue along just fine & are imune to all these algo changes. If i did not have a full time job i would probably be doin all they wanted & more allready its just common sense if you are in this for the long haul.

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