That’s a wrap! – Friday 21st September

John Reese launches BlogRush a service for bloggers to share traffic by displaying each others post titles, it goes somewhat viral in the blogging community. We’re currently testing it and will report our findings soon.

Cool story on what would happen if Google were really evil, found this one via SEO Black Hat

Coolest Gadgets hits 50,000 subscribers , so needs a new goal for December now 🙂

Forbes 400Forbes release their annual list of the top 400 richest Americans this week, no surprise to find Sergey and Larry in there. This year to get in at the bottom of the top 400 list you would need 1.3 billion! Also a social viewer was included in Forbes that shows associations by wealth and Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Princeton.

Friday’s Fun and addictive game is Poom, found this one kind of hard at the start but once you build a rhythm it’s quite good.

You may have noticed that Matt Cutts posted to say how efficient Google have been at picking up blog posts within minutes and hours which is fantastic, it also has an added benefit for those pesky pirate spammers arrr! who repeatedly post the same mobile phone deals on forums and blogs even though they get deleted shortly after they are posted.

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  1. My best 15 bounces and a score of 2750, I’m not sure if the game is addictive or just annoying.

  2. I’ve played for 20 seconds and get bored. Not addictive.

  3. A new highly addictive game to play with 😀 what more can we ask for on a Friday!

  4. thanks a lot for the post but i didn’t like that game

    congrats to Al for all them subscribers

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