That’s a Wrap! – Friday 17th August

Could you live without Google, Techblazer spends a week using only

ScottFish talks about a new domain law that is possibly heading the way of New York

that will make it illegal to register a domain name that is similar to or the same as another living person or business. Any one living in New York will be subject to this law which is aimed at domainers that have purchased a domain with the intent to sell it to a business or person.

Still far too much ambiguity in domain ownership, is there an intelligent enough body that can act in everyone’s interest?

Problogger reports on Adsense emails that have invited certain people to an AdSense Online Advisory Council.

Congratulations on your success with the AdSense program. Given your extensive experience with AdSense, I’m happy to invite you to join AdSense’s Online Advisory Council, a select group of publishers who offer input on new AdSense products and features. Our development team relies on the Online Advisory Council to help us refine our new services and features.

Amazing! MLM never dies and now there is a matrix pyramid version to boost pagerank found here (this is a no follow link)

Don’t try this one at home! just link farms in disguise, a quick google shows some people are spamming their own sites with hidden links. You’d have to think that some poor mum n pop sites will fall foul of this crap.

A cool collection of links showing what you can do with Adsense when you become a premium publisher.

A cool article over at Daily Blog Tips on speed reading feeds like a pro.

Jensense reports that some Adsense publishers are being forced to show CPA ads.

Following on Scott’s time wasting game, here’s Rainbow Sphere an annoyingly simple and highly addictive game.

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  1. I saw that viral link thing the other week and dismissed it as being too stupid for anybody to bother with. Clearly I was wrong.

  2. Liked this page with an easy way to setup Digg buttons on your blogs:

  3. So with the new rules, does that mean we will need to start using unique ip addresses to name our children?

  4. I’m not understanding the idea of taking something as global as the internet and trying to place it within state jurisdiction.

    And why New York in the first place? Are there a bunch of neerdowell domainers concentrated up there?

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