That’s a wrap! 10th August

FridayInteresting study on how many times Blogs in the Technorati top 100 have hit the Digg homepage.

Google pagerank update, is it an update or isn’t it, doesn’t matter whether you love or loathe the PR updates they do make for some scary threads on DP. 63 day old thread with 3668 replies and 90,728 pageviews. All that and everyone is still undecided but it seem imminent for sure.

Staying on that topic, SEO Roundtable comments on the fact Google want feedback on removing pagerank and Adam Lasnik of Google was also quoted getting into the debate. Could we live without pagerank? It sure would put an end to a lot of directories.

Reading blogs can result in a time penalty, especially when you stumble across games like this which can take up far more time than you had initially planned, simple yet enjoyable.

Patrick talks about one of the most important points a webmaster has to tackle today, trustrank, how can you get your site trusted by Google. It’s not quantity it’s quality.

A bit Adsense heavy but if you can get past that a good article for those who are wanting to start out making money working from home and can’t decide which topic or niche to work in. How to run a small business. I will actually be doing a post next week which deals with how I chose my topic to develop in.

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  1. thanks for the link guys, much appreciated

  2. Don’t worry about Page Rank, Barclays have some new advice on driving traffic to your website using scams!

  3. Damn that game is addictive!

  4. What I want to know is how can a virtual environment be worth $350mil to Disney – found by links above and some random directions. What are we missing when we are considering ways to earn a living online that these people have figured out.

  5. Thanks for the games link been a while since i wasted an hour 🙂

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