Too Busy to Make Money?

busy.jpgHow many times have heard people say they’re too busy to do something or other and how many times have you said the same. I know I’ve used that line a fair few times but in reality it’s simply not true.

I’m meeting up with a group of my ex work colleagues next week and I know the conversation will get round to work and business. I’ll be told that I’m “lucky” :rollseyes: that I can choose my own hours and don’t have a boss to report to and a few will ask for advice on leaving the 9 to 5. I’ll explain what I did and how in the early days I’d go home from the day job and then spend another 6 or so hours working on my own business.

Nine times out of ten the answer to this will be “I’m too busy to do that” which is absolute bullshit. You are never too busy to do anything, we just choose to spend the time doing something else. Everybody has 24 hours in their day (though with delegation and automation you can make more of it) and unless you’re incarcerated (which if you’re reading this I doubt) you choose what you do with those hours.

We all have things that need to be done on a daily basis but I don’t know one person that couldn’t make available a couple of hours every day to do something if they really wanted to.

Next time you use the line “I’m too busy” be honest about it (at least to your self) and say what’s the more important thing that’s taking your time.

Rant over 🙂 .

About Al Carlton

Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
Al can be found on twitter at AlCarlton.


  1. I use that line about some of the things I want to work on, but I have got them scheduled in within the next couple of months, basically, I’m making time for them by taking time out of working on stuff for other people. I could fit in the time now to work on the stuff I want to, but then I’d have to sacrifice time spent with my baby girl and my other half.

    I have left the 9-5 job though, and so I can fit things in when I really want them to, I think now when I say I haven’t got time to do something its mostly because its less of a priority than everything else rather than not having the time.

  2. I know the feeling Al, sometimes i struggle for motivation, but working 60+ hour weeks, i let myself off the odd lapse.

  3. I have to try and remember that we are all different, I tend to question friends & family why they don’t break free and become self employed, I guess some people prefer to have less responsibility – or at least see employed as a safer bet which I disagree with, either way most tend to throw up excuses why they can’t rather than reasons why they should but I’d have to agree that the same people will turn around and say I’m lucky and they don;t have time.

    • I also do question like that, especially after a few beers. I remember having a long conversation with a taxi driver trying to convince him to branch out and go alone but I think he just thought I was a drunk (which at the time could of been a possibility).

  4. A lot of the time it means they cannot be bothered to work for it and want instant success. I have many friends who give up right after the idea they have.

  5. You know their is no easy way to get where you are & many others. 6 hrs a day on top of the 9-5 is no easy task & thats why you are where you are ! I would add you probably spent another 10 hrs on weekends ?

    I have allways worked for myself till 3 years ago then I made the switch mainly cause everything i did was not portable & i’m getting older i have learnt lots from my 9 – 5 hopefully with a little more time i will be back on my own but with a skillset i can take anywhere & maintain from anywhere.

  6. After re-reading that post it sounds a bit like I’m knocking people for working which I’m not intending to, it’s just a case of people choosing how they spend their time.

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve been “too busy” for the last couple of years myself, I’m finally changing that.

    In a way though, I’m glad the majority of people are still too busy 😉

  8. Your post is very true, we’re never too busy to do anything. Now that I’m off to university in September I feel like I won’t have enough time to regularly maintain a blog, but your post and other peoples opinion have made me realise, why not. If other people can do it, why not me. 🙂

    • If your off to uni then that is a fantastic opportunity to get something off the ground. You can’t go to the pub 7 days a week for 3 years (although I gave it a good try), so just take a day or 2 a week to build up a (or some) sites, then by the time you finish uni you should have a 3 year old site bringing in loads of traffic and be in a perfect position not to ever actually need to get a job after leaving uni.

      I wish I had put some effort into building sites when at uni, instead I wrote games which got me my job as a games programmer which I no longer do as the money is poor and the hours are long (very long)

    • I agree with Carl, Uni is a great time to get started with making site and/or money. It’s a bit of a cliche but you’ll have more spare time at Uni than you will when you’re working. I set up my first site in my final year though I didn’t monetise until a fair few years later and even though neglected it still makes me a few dollars each day now.

  9. That is so 100,000% true. If its not the line that I am busy, it’ll be i’ll bookmark this now and will see it later.

    That later never comes.

  10. Thats the execuse I use for not handing in coursework on time. lol

    However with me, my website is always a priority, although sometimes I just can’t be bothered to do a certain thing or two.

    So I suppose its just something inside you not letting you do it.

  11. I’m saying that at the moment. Too busy to do work due to other client work.

    I don’t know anyone to delegate to that I’d trust at the moment, and a lot of what I’m working on can’t be automated.

    But…. a lot of what I’d like to work on for myself could be automated with a bit of thought and time. I just gotta pay the bills at the moment 🙂

  12. This post is right on! I am guilty of wasting time – minutes turn into hours, into days, into years. Wasting time erodes productivity and ambitions. My current time wasters include checking my negligible stats several times a day and reading other blog success stories instead of working on my crafting my own successes. Time wasting seems an easier goal to achieve than any other business-building goal. I do have a tool that I employ to keep me on track and to help minimize my time-wasting (short of using a to-do list). I simply ask myself, “how did this help earn me money today?” 🙂

  13. My biggest problem is I am a professional procrastinator. The bad news is that if pays nothing. I put things off until I lose inspiration or forget what I was wanting to do.

  14. You can be the President Garry, I would just wait around to throw my hat in the ring.

  15. It is true that you will spend time doing things you care about doing. Frankly, I don’t think people care enough to sweat some (or a lot) to making money online. They want it to be easy money.

    BTW, sure do enjoy this blog. I find myself coming back to visit it a lot. Thanks.

  16. There usually are enough hours in the day if you organize your time and have good time management skills! I’m learning to squeeze in a little extra everyday as I learn to blog–every once in awhile I end up staying up waaaayyy to late, but I think it’s worth it!

  17. I think girlfriends and wives have something to do with the “no time” excuse. Ever since I broke up with my long term GF, I’ve been more productive.

    A wise mate of mine once said that single guys have boundless energy to get things done and change the world. Guys getting sex every night have zero productivity!

  18. Al,

    My sentiments exactly, I think that must be the number one excuse for just about anything in this life.

    I hear too many people say it, it boils down to LAZYNESS, BONEIDLE (which is practically the same thing) and my favourite IGNORANCE.

    Next time you hear someone say I don’t have the time to change or do something in their life you know they’re one of the above 🙂

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