Competition: Win a website worth $1000!

Competition: Win a website worth $1000!I will be giving an old established website away to one lucky reader so pay close attention.

On a more serious note this post should be about housekeeping and my lack of it, I was checking through most of my sites recently and stats and doing general website housekeeping duties when I found a website that I had purchased and totally forgotten about!

It is actually easier than it sounds, I own a lot of domains, some domains are just investments as domains, some are mini sites others have mini site potential, others need to be developed, some have been developed but are sandboxed and struggling, others have been found & bought and need lots of work. The larger sites tend to get my attention more for obvious reasons as they have the ability to generate more income.

This site that I found had been discovered by using my normal property developing searches, as soon as I saw it recently- I remembered finding and buying it, however it needs work and for some reason it managed to fall of the radar completely for the last few months. Rather than put it back into storage I think I’ll give it away free to someone that could maybe use it.

The website
I’ll give some basic info on the website in question:

  • Domain created 31st May 2002
  • Archive history dates from 2007 back to 2002
  • Site: command in Google gives 267 pages (html not dynamic site)
  • Links from relative sites
  • Yahoo site Explorer shows 401 Inlinks Pages 301

I don’t have a stats program installed, I ran the logs this morning and there is an old guestbook thats disabled that gets a lot of the traffic from spammers, apart from that there is a little traffic but some new content should really get it going again.

I was offered $500 for it a number of months ago but it is potentially worth a lot more especially if new content was added to get the traffic flowing.

ClueFor today if you can guess the domain we’ll be one step closer to finding the site a new home.

Clue: It’s not a real place to meet and have a discussion. (7,5,3)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _

Can you guess what it is? oh and I hope you do your spring cleaning more often than I 😉

About Scott Jones

Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. Johnston says:

    Hmm,i’ll guess lol,dnt av a clue!any more clues for us?

  2. Is hard to guess, especially with this clue. From this clue I can smell that the last word from this domain name is FORUM.

  3. I was thinking but to be honest i dont really have a scooby so far!

  4. Virtual Forum Bay

  5. I’ve already made the half of the job, now is your turn Scott to reveal the 2nd clue, or something, because websites with the word forum in domain are countless.

  6. I’m actually heading out this afternoon so if you are interested to know what the site is you can find out here 😉


  8.! 🙂

  9. Johnston says:

    lol aww,does that mean hes won the site?

    • No Johnston, just letting you know what site it is today, I’ll set the competition on Wednesday.

      • Oh, that’s nice. I don’t know sh*t about books, I only know (and read) Harry Potter. Hahaha.

        Damn this topic only had 5 comments moments ago xD

        • Don, I don’t know that much about tattoos but that doesn’t stop me earning a large wage from the subject, the trick is to let others create the content if you lack knowledge.

        • Not interested about tattoos too Sir Steve, just want some more ideas for a mini-site. I don’t have an eye (and a brain) for creativity. Lol.

        • I’ll try and think of some ideas for mini site tools and make a post on it soon Don.

        • Thanks, that is highly appreciated Sir. Now I have to join contests for free domains. It’s so hard to get domains in my country.

  10. Lol, I thought it was that easy to get the site. 😛

    Btw, when someone wins it (hopefully I do), does it still need management and more content? Or we can just sit and earn, lol.

    • Nothing has been done with the site since I bought it Don so no management is needed. If you really wanted to eanr from it then it would need some work done.

  11. Well that hangman game was really easy.


    I think I have the perfect home for such a domain 😛

    I can do the developing and maintainance too.

    I just finished doing so with my domains and decided to sell one of them because it expires within 30 days. lol

    I can’t wait for the compition

  12. So, guessing the domain = 0 points ? 🙂

    BTW – What will be the competition about ?

  13. I just did a search with a new tool I developing that checks the PR of inner pages and guess what?

    31 PR3 Pages
    95 PR2 Pages
    12 PR1 Pages

    Thats excellent

  14. Johnston says:

    don’t suppose you care to share the tool you developed that checks the pr?

    • I am developing at the moment and will be hopefully launching it very soon. When I do I’ll post here to let you know 😛

  15. Scott – Tell us something about the next steps, and how many steps will be.

  16. It’s

    I hope I win this one. I’m in need of a new project. 🙂 Thanks, you rock!

  17. It’s


  18. That was pretty cool with the hangman game. Nicely done on the introduction to the contest or give-away.

  19. Sweet Nice giveaway to the winner 🙂

  20. Looking forward to the comp, think it would take me a while to get around to sorting this site out as I’ve got a few that I’m just starting out on, but it’d definately fit into my game plan at some point

  21. Definitely interesting to see what’s the competition about tomorrow.. 🙂

  22. I must have gone the complicated route on this yesterday. I was using reverse lookups on your domains Scott to see what else was hosted on your IP’s. That didnt help me as you are on a fairly busy host.

  23. Wednesday! 😀

  24. Too bad I am late

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