Competition rules

On with the show and the giveaway of Fiction Forum to a new owner.

The prize:
You’ll win the complete website & domain which is a simple flat hml site so can be zipped up and emailed to the winner, the domain is with godaddy so can be pushed for free to the winners account at goddaddy or transferred out to a registrar of the winners choice. The domains has another 2 years before it needs renewing in 2009.

Today I’ll post the rules of the competition and announced the winner next week.
The person with the most points wins, the judges (my) decision is final.

Competition, complete all/any of the tasks below to gain points.
Closing date: 15th July

Task 1
Let us know why either by a trackback from you own blog or if you don”t have a blog leave a comment stating why you should win it and/or what you would do with the website I will read through them all and then choose the best 3 that I like.

Points Awarded
Best 5 points
2nd  3 points
3rd  2 points

Task 2
Solve the clue below, if you solve it then you will get a website address to go to which will tell you to email me a secret word.

The clue: These small online homes can often make big money, the tld is in tent.
Domain (9,3) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _

Points Awarded
First person to solve the clue & email me gets 5 points
2nd person to solve the clue 3 points
3rd person to solve the clue  2 points

Task 3
Solve the anagram, the word below is an anagram, re-arrange the letters to discover the answer.

Anagram:         famed mildness

Use the contact form to submit your answer.

Points Awarded
First person to solve the anagram & email me gets 5 points
2nd person to solve the anagram 3 points
3rd person to solve the anagram  2 points
That’s it! Oh and Michael has 1 point from Monday for being the first to guess the URL 🙂
Best of luck!

About Scott Jones

Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. Interesting competition. Good luck to all those who enter 🙂

  2. this is really hard.

    I can only find a tld tent 😛 domain here in SMM that belongs to you and it doesn’t have anything

    So I am still looking

    oh and that anagram, its so hard

  3. If I didn’t make it a little interesting it would be gone already and unfair on those that check later in the day, don’t worry though if nobody gets them I’ll give some clues. So far Al is the only person to get Task 2 correct – but he is disqualified 😉

    TLD just describes the extension at the end of the domain Abdul.

  4. yes I knew that.

    there for the its something you catch fish with 😉

    its just the anagram thats annoying me

  5. I Need to instigate a “don’t touch the keyboard till after one cup of coffee” I thought the answer to 1 was the tld & emailed scott 😉

  6. I’m Going to bow out of this one & wish good luck to all of you who are more word savvy than myself 🙂

    Good Luck !

  7. Johnston says:

    so has someone already solved the website address?

  8. I sent answers to tasks 2 and 3 at approx. 12:30-12:45 London time.

    Here is my response for task 1:

    What I would make from it:
    I would revamp the layout and graphics completely and make the main feature the forums. I would include sub forums for fiction readers as well as fiction writers.

    I think book reviews would also be a great addition to the site and I would definitely try out some Amazon Affiliate links for various books to help monetize the site. I would also reach out to site members to help produce content (reviews, fan fiction, stories) … who better than avid readers and writers?

    -I love fiction myself.
    -I have a few blogs that I’ve been working on but I’d really like to try out a forum.
    -I’ve read every post you guys have made 🙂

  9. Also, I’ve already purchased and made an offer on just in case I win.

  10. If I was to win the domain/site I would start on some basic SEO and build some traffic. Then start looking in to having those interested in the subject starting to submit articles. Once traffic built up a forum would be pushed along with some Amazon give away competition.

    I notice the forums are discontinued, but I also notice plenty of history in with the forums still in tact a little. I would look at what was available there and see if it can be rebuilt with a more modern forum.

    I would also look in to adding differnt catagories by age group too.

    Next would be listings of popular books.

    Basically there is a heck of a lot to do but I think it would be good and rewarding to work on a project like this.

  11. If I win the domain / site, I am going to give it to my two sisters. Why? Because they read far more than I do, and they’ve been bugging me to show them how to start a website anyway. I figure if I give them an established website and help them fix it up and improve it, it could be a very nice hobby for them. My sisters read so much, on a 4 hr plane ride they will have read 2 books each cover to cover. Not kidding. Sounds like a perfect place to start for them, so I thought i’d try to get it.

  12. If I win the competition, I will take the site to the next level. It will initially be propped as it is, on a new server. Over a period of time, I will move the site over to my new site platform which includes article sections, links sections and a forum seciotn (see for an example).

    Witha swift chnage of CSS file, the site can maintain similar look to the current site, but with a dynamic, adsensed and affiliated platform supporting it all.

  13. Kevin Burke says:

    I am just starting my internet business. I have been researching SEO and Internet Marketing for the last 6 months, but have yet to start anything on my own. Now that I really need the extra money, I need to crap or get off the pot as they say. This would be a HUGE boost into my internet ventures.

    As much as I love 90’s web design, the first thing I would do would be to give the site a face lift. Which would give me a chance to put out some feelers and see who the readers are. Maybe I could have a which design do you like best contest. I would then definitely make the site dynamic and easier to manage. Next, I would install forum software, phpBB or such and encourage the readership to engage in dialogue. Lastly, I would start working on the monetization. I would probably start with PPC ads. However, this might be a good site for some tactful affiliate placements.

    It sounds like a lot of work, but since it would be my only site and since I have a great resource in Self Made Minds, I’m sure I could make it a success.

  14. I guess what has held me back from the idea of managing websites with the goal of making money is a question of ethics. I wouldn’t say I am new to the idea, I frequently read RSS feeds on the subject at my 9 to 5 but so far, I am yet to act on any idea I may have had.
    So back to those ethics, I’m not saying I’m whiter than white or anything, but many of the ‘tactics’ I read of seem to add little if any value to the user (with the exception of this fine site of course ;-), among others), creating something for the sake of purely getting the user to click your affiliate link seems to me something ghastly in this world we live in already full of marketing and noise.
    So I guess what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t create anything unless I was passionate about the subject and thought it would create something of value for another human somewhere.

    Now books, here is something I am really passionate about!

    So thinking about if I were to win this competition I would probably split the website into 2 sections;
    The first would be for young or aspiring writers. I would encourage people to submit pieces of writing/short stories and attempt to create a community that would offer constructive criticism and advice on these pieces.
    The second would be to offer a forum for people to discuss themes from their favourite (or perhaps least favourite) books with other users.

    I think I would add further smaller sections for information on events such as in-store book readings, upcoming releases e.t.c.

    Being a little rusty on coding practices (the last site I ran was about 6 years ago and probably looked almost as bad as this one!) I would probably spend a bit of money on hiring a designer/programmer to help me realise this aim and gve it a comprehensive re-design. It could be interesting to give it a (sorry!) web 2.0 kind of spin, with users able to
    tag books by genre e.t.c e.t.c. Hey maybe I don’t mean web 2.0, maybe I just meaning getting it set up with a database instead of static html.

    Sorry for rambling on, I think I’ll finish this with a somewhat relevant Wilde quote for good measure;

    “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily – That is what fiction means”

  15. Scott,
    I recently subscribed to your feed and have been a religious reader ever since. I love the way you approach opportunities in an easy to understand and implement manner. I recently registered my first domain with the intent of making it a mini-site They are a Led Zeppelin tribute band more or less that I saw a few weeks ago and was blown away by. I googled them and saw they only have a myspace page, so I thought it would be a decent opportunity. I digress-

    I think I would be the best recipient for the site for several reasons.
    First – I am at a point in my career where I am starting to learn about SEM and SEO for my company (I’m a marketing director for a local Honda and Toyota dealership) and a site such at this would be a great opportunity for me to learn about marketing on search engines. As marketing on the internet is evolving to be a large part of the my job description, I would be able to devote time and energy to studying, growing and learning from the site.
    Second – I have seen the light long ago, but have been slow to act. I see this as a big opportunity for me to make the plunge into building my passive income portfolio. I read Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad years ago and realized the power of building a passive income building assets, but don’t have the stomach for real estate. I do however know a thing or two about the web and see this as my key to building a sustainable, passive income.
    Thirdly – I’m really not that knowledgeable in the realm of fiction. I think you have the site set up in such a way that you don’t necessarily need to be. Forums feed off of the community’s interaction and knowledge – thats the beauty of them. I do however have some experience in marketing and graphics that I think I could apply to the site – give it a fresh look (which I think it could use once it passes ownership.)

    Thanks for the great opportunity Scott and keep up the good work on the blog!

    Thanks again,

  16. well that’s all three tasks complete…. probably too late for tasks 2 and 3, but at least I tried.

  17. Lol, I guess I’m too late. Timezone issues, arghh.

  18. This is like those annoying puzzles in the paper, and I’m terrible at those, too. Great idea for a contest, though!

  19. Scott, first off I must say this is a very interesting approach to giving a website away and I’m glad I was able to catch this opportunity in time. Regardless here is my answer to Task 1:

    The first detail I would take into the shed to hack away at would be the layout and overall design of the website. I would implement new coding into the site; instead of the basic HTML I would implement XML coding. This will allow individuals to interact much more, and as the web develops more and more people want to be interacting with others and not just reading words. Typically the first five seconds that someone is at a webpage is where they will make their decision if they want to stay or if they want to hit the red button at the top right of the screen so it must be a welcoming, yet interesting design. The next detail I would attack would be how information is gathered. I would allow individuals to post up books that are currently not on the website, write reviews, recommend others books that people may akin to if they enjoyed this read, etc. That way it will be able to accommodate all users, no matter what nature of books they enjoy. A forum would be the golden key to this entire website as individuals will be able to interact with other readers allowing them to have talks, debates, and intelligent conversations about the books in which they have read. I have looked for how much current traffic the site gets however I could not find any noteworthy values. Assuming that the site does not attain very high traffic values I will market the website where I see fit. This may include everywhere from the local Chapters, to Spark Notes where many individuals who have read books go to help one another out with school assignments. This site has absolutely amazing potential, and with quite a bit of work, time, and a few extra dollars being invested it can achieve its true potential.

    I believe with the internet knowledge I have attained working, building, and maintaining I’m ready to take on another task. Currently with me in school, studying business I believe I’m more than qualified to take this task on as I have both the knowledge and time to recondition this website. My partner for my current site and I were actually discussing over the last two weeks about launching a site along these lines so finding this competition was brilliant.

  20. Before I write the answer for Task 1 as Scott requested I would like to thanks Scott for the time he spend to share these inspiring posts with us, and of course to thanks for this awesome contest.

    Now the answer for Task 1

    I wanted to write this comment yesterday but I saw Friday – 13, and I’ve decided to wait one more day and avoid this mysterious day.

    Now about contest.

    1.Why you should win ?

    I could give you (n+1) answers at this question, but I’ll be short and sincere … I want this “old propriety” in my portfolio

    What you would do with the website ?

    When I’ll have the domain in my hands I’ll start to make plans, research the market and see what can I do with the domain. Now when I don’t know the market, or details about the website I can’t tell you more. I need some details to give you details. What I do when I have a new website is …selecting some keywords to rank for, and after that the long and hard work to conquer this goal.

    Anyway at the beginning I would do some SEO experiments to see what are the effects of an old backlink. 🙂

    P.S – Scott I hope this is just the beginning ! Contests like this are fun, and of course helps you to build a little community here. 😉

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