Which blogs have the most feed subscribers

I’m a bit of a stat head and enjoy trawling through log files and looking at pretty graphs. One statistic that I’m particularly interested in is the number of subscribers different sites have in different niches.

FeedBurner offer a great service for managing your sites feed and provide all sorts of interesting stats. You can also put one of their chicklets on your site to boast share with the world how many subscribers your site has.

I thought it would be both interesting and fun to create a top 100 (or so) of the sites with the highest feeds, so spent Saturday morning doing a big trawl around.

Site Subject Subscriber count
Engadget Technology
Boing Boing Technology & Humor
TechCrunch Technology
Simply Recipes Cooking
Xataka Technology
Interesting Thing of the Day Info
Mashable Technology
43 Folders Technology
TechCrunch.fr Technology
Dumb Little Man Misc
37 Signals Technology
Freakonomics Technology
John Battelle’s Search Blog Technology
Daily Kos Info
Read/Write Web Technology
Coding Horror Technology
Crunch Gear Technology
Duct Tape Marketing Business
Church of the Customer Technology
Micro Persuassion Technology
Life Hack Technology
Genbeta Technology
Coolest Gadgets πŸ™‚ Technology
pf blog Finance
Small Business Trends Technology
BlackRimGlasses Technology
ProBlogger Blogging
Search Engine Watch Technology
Get Rich Slowly Finance
Matt Cutts Webmaster & SEO
FeedBurner Blogging?
Loic Le Meur’s blog Technology
Double Tongued Info
WebDeux.info Technology
CopyBlogger Blogging
Britannica Blog Technology
feld Business
Computer Zen Technology
Digital Tech News Technology
flickrbabes Eye candy
Writers Write Info
Emily Chang Technology
Mobile Crunch Technology
The Apple Blog Technology
VidaExtra Technology
Fan Blogs Misc
Search Engine Roundtable Webmasters & SEO
Search Engine Journal SEO
Manolo’s Shoe Blog Misc
Search Engine Land Webmasters & SEO
bitelia Technology
The Budget Fashionista Technology
Quick Online Tips Webmasters
Digital Inspiration Technology
Techno Chica Technology
plasticbag.org Technology
Applesfera Technology
Gizmologia Technology
Shoe Money Technology
Pronet Advertising Technology
Ruby Inside Technology
The Simple Dollar Finance
David Seah Technology
Online Marketing Blog Technology
Everything USB Technology
snook.ca Technology
Apple Weblog Technology
Shopping Blog Shopping
Directo al paladar Technology
le Hournal du Geek Technology
Marketing Pilgrim Technology
fosfor gadgets Technology
Zen Habits Technology
Talk Crunch Technology
2803 Technology
John Chow Making Money
weblog tools collection Blogging
Hacked Gadgets Gadgets & Technology
Traders Trade Business
Trump University Business
Entrepreneur’s Journey Technology
Challies Technology
GHacks Technology
Ask Shane Ask Shane
Free iTunes Downloads Technology
Paul Stamatiou Technology
Neatorama Humor
MWG Blog Technology
Go2Web2 Technology
Xataka Movil Technology
Ask the VC Business
LiewCF Technology
hiper def Technology
ConverStations Blogging
Random Good Stuff Humor
Daily Blog Tips Blogging
Science Base Technology
Slash Gear Technology
Macapper Technology
Personal Financial Advice Finance
Net Stumbler Technology
Pick the Brain Intelligent stuff
Bloggers Blog Blogging
Say No To Crack Humor
Connected Internet Blogging
Net Business Blog Technology
Matt Brett Technology
One Tip a Day Software
TechBuzz Technology

I’ve only been able to list sites that are both using Feedburner and choose to make their count public, so some of the big guns like Steve Pavlina, Lockergnome, etc. are absent from the list.

I will add new sites to the list as and when I find them, so if you know of a glaring omission with at least 2,000 subscribers please let us know via a comment, I’d like to build the list up to be a top 100 and as I’ve only covered a few niches that I know of I’m sure that I’ve missed plenty of others.

About Al Carlton

Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. makeuseof.com (approx 2k)

  2. Looks like neatorama.com should also be on the list -> a little under 3,000.
    ( http://feeds.feedburner.com/~fc/neatorama )

  3. http://feeds.dailykos.com/dailykos/index.xml
    has over 50 thousand readers

  4. Steve Segal says:

    I am pretty sure that NetStumbler.com has about 2k subs, http://feeds.feedburner.com/netstumbler

  5. Pretty cool Top 100! We hope to get more readers πŸ™‚

  6. http://feeds.feedburner.com/snookca
    around 7k.

    I haven’t checked his numbers but I’m sure they exceed mine.

    Putting these kinds of lists together are difficult because they’re really only representative of whatever niche you subscribe to, which in this case seems marketing heavy. It’d be interesting to see Feedburner actually release a top 100 list.

  7. http://www.emilychang.com/ 12k and 13k (2feeds)

  8. my blog has quite a bunch of subscribers (actually, it’s the second most popular feed at netvibes’ ecosystem): http://flickrbabes.com/

  9. http://www.lifehack.org has over 35,000 subscribers in Feedburner.

  10. Wow my site has only been going around 6 months and I’ve made it into the top 100!

  11. Another omission: Lifehack.org: 35,440 subscribers.

  12. A very inaccurate blog post.

  13. SugarBank.com has over 1200 and Sugasm.com has around 1400 daily. No sex blogs…?

  14. There are dozens and dozens of other blogs that outrank lots of these sites in terms of feedburner subscriber numbers simply because they don’t use feedburner in the first place.

    The SciScoop Science Forum has well over 2000 members who receive regular updates either via email or rss, for instance.

  15. Interesting post. Looks like there are lots of feeds with over 1,000 readers.

    Here are a few more missed feeds:
    writerswrite.com 14,000 http://feeds.feedburner.com/writerswrite
    shoppingblog.com 6,000
    traderstrade.com 3,700
    readersread.com 1,600

  16. Ok, my contribution:

    http://alt1040.com/ (17400 plus)
    http://gizmologia.com/ (8000 plus)
    http://es.appleweblog.com/ (6000)
    http://hiperdef.com/ (2300)
    http://bitelia.com/ (8000)

  17. http://www.feld.com – 15590
    http://www.askthevc.com – 2486

    Both have the FeedBurner chicklet displayed

  18. Read/WriteWeb (www.readwriteweb.com) has 63614 as I type this. πŸ™‚

  19. plasticbag.org has the chicklet displayed and has 8529 readers at the moment.

  20. I noticed http://www.treehugger.com is not on the list, despite having around 30,000 readers.

  21. A very misleading post as many sites are not foolish enough to use Feedburner.

    • Care to explain what is wrong with FeedBurner?

    • The post is only meant to show sites that publicise their counts with FeedBurner. Out of interest why is it foolish to use it and is there a better tool for those sort of stats and features. Thanks.

  22. How about Online Marketing Blog at http://www.toprankblog.com 6000+ subscribers.


  23. Britannica has two n’s. Awesome list!

  24. Thanks everybody for all the tips and suggestions so far. With your help the current list is now up to 96 so not far off the 100 target.

    I’ll only add new ones that have 5,000 or more subscribers but will continue to grow the list and not take any existing entries away.

  25. Oops – you’ve spelled plasticbag.org as palsticbag.org

  26. Don’t forget us!

    Search Engine Land

  27. Thanks every body Earch Engine Land now added. I never realised the feed URLs without feedburner in them could still be published (if you know what I mean).

  28. Jay Brewer says:

    I find it interesting – we have at least 3 or more blogs that would be in this list:

    Kitchen Contraptions PRO Enabled 2,805 β€”
    Liquor Snob PRO Enabled 1,272 β€”
    Single Serve Coffee PRO Enabled 3,088 β€”

    Why didn’t these sites make it?


  29. There’s also Tom Raftery’s Social Media, over 1200 subs: http://www.tomrafteryit.net/

  30. We are past the 100 mark so I’ll only be adding new sites that have a subscriber count of above 5,000.

    Thanks again everybody.

  31. 3800+ and I don’t make the list sob sob


  32. Can you put all of these into an opml file so that they can all be imported into a feedreader at once?

  33. Well, my site has a feed with 18,283 subscribers.

  34. Here’s one more: http://www.technologyevangelist.com

    Looks like we’re at 1951 subscribers today.

  35. This gives us somthing to aim for!

  36. I’ve found a blog that is not in this list, and he deserve to be here.


  37. Great list Scott. Seems like technology is the clear leader!

  38. great list πŸ˜€

    i’m on the queue…

  39. TechCrunch.fr – over 80000

    Loic Le Meur’s blog – over 18000

  40. Feedburner just needs to publish a list. Maybe they could allow the top blogs to opt out of the list if the wanted.

  41. Manolo’s Shoe Blog has nearly 10,000 readers in its feedburner chicklet.


  42. ViolentAcres.com is currently showing 3386 subscribers (via feedburner image).

  43. WebDeux.info has 16000+ subscribers. And “Gengeta” is really “Genbeta”.

  44. I believe the Budget Fashionista should also be on this list.

  45. I guess I won’t make it on the list with 578 readers..

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