Heard about Everyclick for charity.. why Ask?

Doing some general housekeeping this week and having a browse through analytics (my website stats) brought something to my attention that I hadn’t been aware of. I had quite a solid level of traffic coming from Everyclick (1k per day), having a look through their website shows that 50% of all their income goes to charity, very nice but I still wanted to find out how the traffic was coming to my site from theirs and I don’t find analytics very good for checking URL’s, Everyclick show as referral rather than organic.

A quick look through their mediapack shows that they are the fastest growing search engine heading towards 1 million unique visitors and doing some more reading and it seems this charity search engine is powered by ASK aha! ASK usually send me around 1000 unique visitors per week.


Now ASK usually send me less traffic than MSN and have not been an engine that I have looked at for some time but now they are powering Everyclick and it seems Everyclick must be doing something right and rising in popularity through word of mouth in the UK, they have been sending me around 1000 visitors per day!


Everyclick Traffic

Over 7000 unique visitors in the last week, impressive, so if you are UK based and have forgotten about ASK then perhaps it is time to have a look again and see if you can improve anything there because Everyclick is growing fast and sending a lot of conscientious web users my way for free at the moment.

I have to admit I don’t know what factors are important when ranking in Ask, perhaps it’s time to do a little bit of reading up on the subject to see if that success can be applied to other sites, worth a mention I thought so if you have any good ranking algo details for ASK, dust them down it just may be worth a look into.

About Scott Jones

Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. How you were able to have that kind of traffic?

    Was that a PPC or what?

  2. It’s about time yahoo, ask and msn get their acts right else google would just keep increasing its lead over them.

  3. Very interesting, a good marketing ploy and of course helping charities to boot.

  4. Yep and sending me 1000 a day shows they must really be doing well for themselves.

    Robert, I have some good organic rankings in Ask.com who seem to be powering this charity bait engine so naturally started getting good traffic for free from Everyclick.

  5. I’ve just checked my stats and I’m getting more traffic from door to door sales people knocking on my door asking if I have a website. So if anybody has any SEO knowledge on them I’d also love to know.

  6. Daniel Nardini says:

    apparently they have harry hardisty on board, great bloke, online marketing whizz and generally wise on the seo side.
    Probably see them growing a lot bigger soon

  7. They are growing pretty quick – should be worth keeping an eye on.
    too much cpm for me at the momentbut maybe a goer soon

  8. Apparently Ask are in the proces of changing their algo. You can find more info here: http://www.davidcastle.org/BB/ask-changes-algorithms-vt3114.html

  9. Hi guys another great post & info keep it up !

    I Just noticed you seem to have changed the background of the page while it loads its impossible to read whilst loading 😉

  10. Thanks Neale, I dont think the background changed, unless its just that the page loaded slower for you, I’ll blame Al anyway as he’s skiving today;)

  11. Saw Everyclick at internet world. Very interesting and havingmet Harry before and chatting to him on the stand I’d agree theyr one to watch.
    Love the idea of pulling corp sponsors and ad deals in on the back of the charity angle, Harry’s sharp and the everyclick ethos seems like a good one.
    Only question is why an ask feed… looks like maybe a legacy deal or something??? surely google would be better and I’m sure H could get one if anyone could.
    Anyway, I’m meeting him for a lunch next week, so I’ll try to find out more.


    • In answer to your question, they Google wanted to get together with everyclick, and Harry knows the guys that can help, and the CEO turned Google down, duhhhhh.

      Watchout though, as all is not what it seems in the land of everyclick

  12. Any info would be appreciated Jamie, they are going from strength to strength judging by the traffic I see coming my way increasing.

  13. Met Harry for 5 mins the other day – busy man!
    He’s really enthusiastic about them, didn’t give much away but said they have some great things coming up.
    He’s obviously put down some of his busy sites for a while, he was the biggest tradedoubler refferer in Dec and Jan but down to 6th now – not that it makes any difference.
    Anyway, everyclick – they are doing well, looks like lots of paid traffic, but Harry insists they have substance and plenty of natural – he should know.
    Only prob for me is that they arent a site id want traffic from, not yet. Maybe if Harry does his thing Ill probably be interested, looks like a weird model at the moment tho.

    • Thank you for taking the time to get back with an update Jamie, it is appreciated.
      Certainly really interesting to watch and they are making some pretty big moves, my referral traffic has MORE than doubled from them since this post! Whether they are relying on arbitrage or not they must be putting a tremendous amount of traffic through their site.

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