Entrepreneurialism Is It In The Genes?

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be my own boss. At first I wanted to be a dentist as I could see the sideline of extracting teeth and putting them under my pillow for the tooth fairy.

When I was 10 (ish) I organised a magic show in my parents garage, got an older friend to be the magician (first bit of out sourcing there), I’d hide behind the table and be a hand puppet spider. I remember it being a hot day and we started selling plastic cups of juice, then I started selling cups of water. My mother went mad, telling me you cannot sell water and I had to give all the money back.

I’m not sure what caused my entrepreneurial bug. My brother has studied our family tree, there’s a few ancestors that sounded like entrepreneurs but not many (my most famous ancestor’s claim to fame (Wikipedia page) was being eaten by cannibals).

I can see children of entrepreneurs being influenced by example (Clarke’s kids are a great example of this) and following that path but what else drives it.

So my questions to you. What’s your earliest entrepreneurial memory and what do you think led you down this path?

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Self Made Minds – The Book, The Group, The Movie

We started Self Made Minds back in in 2007 (dang that’s a long time) and stopped doing regular posts back in 2010. It opened so many doors for me and I have made lasting business friendships because of it. I’ve tried to relaunch it a few times but find it difficult to find the time […]

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Appealing an Amazon Suspension

One of the problems with generating revenue on another companies platform is you are bound by their rules, regulations and whims. In the past I’ve written about successfully appealing a Google Adsense suspension now it’s Amazon’s turn. I’ll share the cause, fix and actual appeal email. It started when at the top of Seller Central […]

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Maximising Amazon Profits in Europe

Intro In this post I’m going to explain how to sell your Amazon products in Europe using EFN (European Fulfilment Network), how to price and maximise your profits. This is aimed at sellers with a co.uk account (but the majority will be the same for other home marketplaces). One of the great things about selling […]

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A Little Webinar about Retail Arbitrage

So I did a webinar with Matt from The Secret Wealth Project, on the topic of Retail Arbitrage (buying stuff from shops and selling on Amazon). I’m always uncomfortable speaking in front of an audience (in person or virtual) but I quite like Matt and the fact we agree to disagree is cool. Only thing […]

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Different Selling Business Models on Amazon

So I’ve been selling on Amazon for just over 3 years now. In that time I’ve made a fair few mistakes and successes. I’ll document a load of examples in future posts. For this post I’m going to explain some of the different business models that Amazon sellers are using today (this is more for […]

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Self Made Minds (the return) – Take 3

Well it’s been a while since I posted here (2 years, oops). Recently I’ve found myself posting more and more in forums and various Facebook groups and I quite enjoy it. My wife told me I need a hobby (as did my therapist) so I think the time is right to start posting here again. […]

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The next Uranium bull market

In my opinion there is an explosive and potential once in a lifetime opportunity coming up, which by my understanding is more a ‘when’ event and not an ‘if’ chance to make serious cash. None of this is investment advice and I do hold stocks and shares in this sector, so do your own research. […]

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Selling on Amazon – Year One

It’s been a bit over a year since I started selling physical products on Amazon (I did mean to do some ongoing posts about it during that time, oops). I’ve learnt a lot in the year, made some great decisions and some total shite ones. I will share a bit here and document where the […]

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Changing Times and New Business Models

Well it’s been a while and a lot has changed since I made my last post. For those new here please feel free to browse the archives, there’s a fair bit of decent stuff though bear in mind the age of it. But in short form… Previously I made the majority of my online income […]

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